Medieval Times, Orlando Florida – What a Knight!

Medieval Times, Orlando Florida – What a Knight!

Disclosure:  I was given tickets to Medieval Times to facilitate my review. Opinions 100% my own.

medieval times orlando

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch a jousting tournament?  

To see the horses pounding past, hear the clang of the swords as the knights  battle for supremacy, cheer on the knight wearing your colors? 

Be a part of the revelry of medieval times without any of the inconveniences? Can you imagine the smell of all those unwashed bodies and lack of indoor plumbing? *shivers*

Medieval Times Experience

I was a teenager the first time I got to experience Medieval Times – which was almost the Dark Ages, but not quite. ;)  As a horse crazy teen, I absolutely adored the show.  Because, well horses.  Plus these horses know dressage.  The show’s like a mini-Lipizzaner exhibit for those of you that are into that sort of thing. 

medieval times horses

But my kids aren’t horse crazy so I was hoping the pageantry, sword fighting, suits of armor, and having dinner in a castle would win them over.  So I added Medieval Times to our Orlando itinerary. 

medieval times knights

I wasn’t disappointed because the Medieval Times show kept them glued to their seats. Check out the video down below to see how riveted my kids were by the show.

The food was served by a lovely wench (she told us to call her that) and consisted of decent tasting plainer fare that could be eaten without utensils.  FYI -the menu can be found on the Medieval Times website.  It wasn’t gourmet by any means, but it tasted good and was simple enough even my picky eater ate almost everything.  

medieval times wench

All in all we had a great evening, our knight came in second place getting “killed” in the last battle.  My cousin and her daughter were able to join us and the kids are still talking about it weeks later.  <—Always an indicator of a hit!  

Here’s a group shot that I’m sharing even though it’s blurry because I love it so much.  

Dang phone focus.  This one would have been a keeper for sure.

medieval times orlando

 And now for the best part of this entire post – the video.   It’s short – 30 seconds and will give you a glimpse of the show and the sword fights, but keep watching because my littlest’s reaction to our knight winning is priceless!  

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