Week 1 Medifast (ish) Results

Week 1 Medifast (ish) Results

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Week 1 Medifast Results the First Time

I have two Medifast Week 1 results to share.  How can that be you ask?  

Well, my first week 1 with Medifast was right before we went on vacation.  I knew I’d be spending time in a bathing suit (ack!) and although I knew I wouldn’t get to my goal weight in one week I did want to drop a few pounds if possible.  And boy did I!  

FIRST Week 1 = -9 pounds!

celebrate weight loss

I can not tell you how happy that 9 pound loss made me!  

But of course I went on vacation and chose not to bring Medifast with me.   While possible to travel and stick to the plan, I intentionally chose to take a break.  As expected, I gained most of the weight back over the three weeks I was off the program.

Week 1 Version 2 Medifast Results

This week was my second Week 1 Medifast  go around.   I was cruising right along and had lost 5.6 pounds as of Day 4.  The reason I mention this is because I don’t want you to blame Medifast for my weightless flop this week.  Medifast works IF you stick with the program. 

What happened on Day 4 you ask?  I took the kids on our annual camping trip.  

And I brought my Medifast bars and shakes and snack foods with me.  

But you know what the most important next step is?  You have to actually eat them!  Shocking I know.  

Anyway, I flopped and ate the foods everyone else was eating including s’mores.  And once I had that ooey-gooey mess, I somehow justified in my head that “Well, I’ve screwed the pooch on this one, may as well go all out.”  

So I ate some chocolate.

And not just a small piece of chocolate but pretty much the entire bag (from Costco no less) of dark chocolate with almonds.  Followed by fast food on the way home and a bit of celebratory alcohol during camping. 

Um, yeah.

Week 1 v. 2 Medifast Results = -0.2 pounds 

I know I was on track to lose 10 pounds this week if I had just stuck with the plan, but sometimes life just plain gets in the way and you have to take a mulligan.  

So this is my mulligan and next week is my Week 1 do-over-over and we’ll get this weight loss started!  

I’m also going to talk to my nutritionist (through Medifast) and identify what I should eat if for some reason I go off plan whether due to travel, camping or whatnot.  I’ll share what she says next week.  

What’s Next?

All of those reasons I started Medifast still stand, so I am going to DO THIS!

I’d LOVE it if you joined me via Medifast (see coupon codes below) or just to help keep each other accountable with whatever program you’re using to lose weight.  

I still haven’t decided what my 10 pound prizes/incentives are going to be, so keep sharing those ideas!  

Ideas for prizes/incentives to help me stick with it for the entire 70 pounds? 

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