Etiquette for Toddlers

I had a belly rolling laugh on Sunday and thought I’d share.  After all, part of why I write this blog is to record my kids and their antics so I’ll remember them later…Need to make sure there are good memories too!

Background:  My cousin Kris was in town for the day.   She was only here for 20 hours on a stop between Greyhound buses.  She is writing a book on America by Greyhound and is spending 30 days criss-crossing the country via bus gathering experiences and photos.  Really cool 24 year old kid! 

We were at Costco – yes, because I show all my out-of-state visitors the riveting and awe inspiring wonders of Colorado!  Insert sheepish grin here…

My 8 year old (Jade) had a tube of Carmex and my 2 year old (CJ) saw it.  Of course, she wanted it.  She has inherited the girly-girl gene.  Doesn’t come from me, must be her dad! 

CJ was whining and complaining and my cousin Kris patiently told her to ask nicely and say please.  About 10 minutes later, she finally did, and Jade gave her the Carmex.

We shopped and browsed and finally wrapped up about 30 minutes later and headed home.  On the way, Jade asked CJ – can I have my Carmex back?  You see where this is going, right? 

Jade then turned to me and complained that CJ wasn’t ever going to give it back because she always takes her lipstick and never gives it back…. I reminded Jade of all the times CJ does share nicely and just told her to ask her for the Carmex. 

So, Jade turns to CJ and asks again…. CJ ponders for a moment and then gleefully says “Say please!”

I’m sure a lot of the humor is lost if you weren’t there, but remember… CJ is only 2, won’t be 3 until 2011…  

Do you have any funny stories to share?  Kid or otherwise…

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