A Year Ago Today – Thurs Blog Hop

 A year ago today, my husband and I finished our second Fix and Flip.  This is the kitchen… Isn’t it pretty?   To give perspective, some readers suggested I post before pics… so here they are!  Kinda hard to capture in just one since there was a wall where the breakfast bar is now – so one is the wall and one is inside the kitchen.


We have a remodeling business and trust me, we are less expensive than anywhere else you can find!  This kitchen, start to finish, would cost you $12,000.

If interested, please check out our business site – www.simplystunningllc.com

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    • Thank you love! I was very happy with the way it turned out… In fact, I really wanted a new kitchen after that! Hard to do all these improvements to a house you are selling and then go home to the same old at home…

      But, we just bought a new house and it has a FANTASTIC kitchen. I love it!

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