CarMax – Take the Worry out of Buying a Used Car

CarMax – Take the Worry out of Buying a Used Car

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CarMax for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

The judge in my divorce was on a roll that day and decided that he would:

“Give you his car at the price you say it’s worth and give him your car at the price he says it’s worth.”

There is absolutely no question that I got the better end of that deal even though it left me driving the BATmobile.  When I first started driving the truck (June 2013), I fully anticipated that I’d sell it and get a different vehicle within a few months.  

I waited because:

  • I wanted the truck to haul all of our stuff for our annual camping trip at the end of the summer.
  • I wanted to refinance my house before I bought a new car in case it meant taking on a car payment.  (Debt to income ratio considerations, etc.)
  • After the previous 9 months of a fairly nasty divorce, I wasn’t up for the stress of dealing with car dealers.  I was pretty sure I’d snap if I was approached by the typical pushy salesman. 

Well, it turns out that 3 months has turned into a year and a half and I’m still driving a truck that isn’t ideal for my family (that whole 10 mpg and inability to park in normal spaces is killing me!)

This is where CarMax comes in.


Carmax for Used Cars

I finally refinanced my house last week and am ready to start getting serious about car shopping. I’m not quite sure what brand of car I want, but I do know what features are important to me:

  • 3rd row (I need extra room so I can split chauffuer duties with other parents.)
  • Heated seats (Once you try them, you can never go back.)
  • 4WD/AWD (Colorado – ’nuff said)
  • 2008 or newer
  • Less than $20,000

If I get really carried away I’d also like over 20mpg and a back up camera, but I can forgo those if necessary.

So I took my list of must have’s and went over to try out the CarMax vehicle finder.


buying a used car

With more than 35,000 cars in the CarMax inventory I could get really carried away with finding my absolutely perfect vehicle – color, mpg, interior color backup camera‚Ķ If only that pesky price thing weren’t an issue.  

But with budget a concern, one of the things that really excites me about trying out CarMax is that the salespeople are paid the same no matter what vehicle I buy.  In other words, they are motivated to find the right car for me, not the one that will get them the biggest commission (except in CA).  

They have two locations in the Denver area:

  • 5850 South Broadway Littleton, CO 80121
  • 2600 W. 104th Ave. Federal Heights, CO 80234

The 104th one is closest to me, but some of the vehicles I was interested in were at the Littleton store.  CarMax will bring them (4Wd or AWD) up to the store near me so I can look at them and test drive them for free


PLUS!  See that button at the top of the page that says “Sell Us Your Car”?  

CarMax will give me a quick appraisal on the BATmobile and will buy it from me even if I don’t buy a car from them.  Woohoo!  No need to deal with advertising or to rearrange my schedule so I can meet random people that want to test drive the truck, etc. 

I’m already planning on making a trip up to the CarMax lot near me to check out the vehicles that meet my needs and see if their sales people live up to their reputation for honesty and transparency.  

I have a ton on my plate between now and the New Year, but January may have me bringing home a new (to me) car!  So excited!

What features would you like in your next vehicle?  Maybe I’ve left out something I should be considering…


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  1. Honestly, I’ve been meaning to write about CarMax for awhile. Without them, selling our old minivan and buying my latest car would’ve been 100x more difficult and unpleasant.

    The ability to walk around the CarMax lot and actually *sit* in a variety of different makes and models all in one place was amazing!! :)

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