Marijuana & Our Kids – Did you know it’s in gummy bears? #sponsored

Marijuana & Our Kids – Did you know it’s in gummy bears? #sponsored

Post sponsored by Single Edition Media on behalf of the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.

good to know marijuana and kids

I voted for the legalization of marijuana when it came up on the Colorado ballot a few years ago.  There were many reasons that I thought it was the right thing to do as you can read in that post, but I’m also realizing how naive I’ve been about marijuana, its impact on kids, and the many forms it comes in.  

It was timely that Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is addressing this issue because my 13 year old (8th grade) is surrounded by kids making the choice to use marijuana on a daily basis.  

How do I know?  She tells me. 

On the one hand I am incredibly grateful that we are talking about this, on the other hand I’m scared to death that we’re approaching the years when all these choices are going to be faced by her and my other two kids not long after.  

For me, being armed with knowledge is the first step to helping our kids make these choices.  I KNOW my kids won’t smoke cigarettes because they’re fully aware of what tobacco does to your body and they are too interested in their sports to ever jeopardize that.  So how do I get the same ideas across about marijuana? 

Marijuana Talking Points 

colorado department of health and environmentGood to Know created new resources aimed at giving influential adults – parents, teachers, coaches, etc. – the tools they need to talk to kids knowledgeably about marijuana and how its use could affect their goals.  

For example:


  • Your brain is developing until age 25.  Youth that use marijuana are more likely to have difficulty learning, memory issues and lower math and reading scores.
  • THC in any form will likely impair ability to drive, play sports, play video games, bike, or do other activities.
  • Marijuana is addictive. It is harder to stop using marijuana if started at a young age.

Financially & Legally

  • Marijuana charges can cause loss of financial aid for college, even outside Colorado. Including: Perkins Loans, Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, PLUS Loans, and Work-Study Programs.

  • Breaking school policies can result in removal from sports teams and extracurricular activities, school suspensions, expulsions and drug counseling.

  • Underage use is illegal. 

It’s Not Just Smoking Any More

For those of you like me, who don’t really have much experience with marijuana or other drugs, do you know all the ways kids can use marijuana?  It’s not just smoking like you may have been used to from your past.   Here are a few more…

  • Smoking
  • Vaping
  • Edibles
  • Topical Lotions
  • Dabbing Hash Oil/Wax

The thing that makes me the most nervous is that the methods of ingestion are so varied, I’m not sure my kids would even recognize they were being given something with marijuana in it.  With cigarettes and even alcohol, the taste and/or mechanism is obvious.  But what about edibles?  

Did you know they can even be gummy bears? 

marijuana gummy bears

What happens if someone else in the house buys these edibles and leaves them where a young child can find them? Do you know many 7 year olds that wouldn’t eat a gummy bear they found left unattended?  Please, please, please keep them locked up, out of reach and out of sight and be responsible if you bring them into a house with children.  Or a house where children visit.  

But most importantly?  TALK to your kids about all the varied forms marijuana can take and make sure they know to ask an adult before eating at a friend’s house.  

Help your kids protect themselves and check out the resources at Good to Know to help you.  

How about you?  Any tips for talking to your kids about marijuana?  

7 Responses to Marijuana & Our Kids – Did you know it’s in gummy bears? #sponsored

  1. I love that you wrote about this today. I didn’t think about that: edibles and how easily they could get into the wrong hands (and it’s scary knowing how appealing these candies are for little ones). This brings up a lot of interesting discussion about marijuana awareness, which is SO important. Let’s not tell our kids it’s bad but encourage sit-downs by arming them with information about it first.

    • Agree Louise! It’s not bad per se, but education is necessary and it’s been neglected up to this point because marijuana was illegal so it was easy to just do the blanket – well it’s against the law, so don’t do it. But now it needs to be a deeper discussion, kind of like I think we’ve been successful doing with cigarettes and our kids. Or alcohol and our kids. What are the facts and how do we make sure they are aware of the possible consequences – also possible forms! They may inadvertently eat something not even meaning to if they didn’t know it comes in all these edible varieties.

  2. I’ve personally always been pro-choice when it comes to marijuana because of the many health benefits it can have on the body but 13 is very VERY young to be dabbling with it. Especially since, as you said, edibles are so attractive to young kids and that can be incredibly dangerous.

    Thanks so much for this post and useful information! Good to know there are helpful resources out there for parents.

    • I agree Kim and have been pro-choice too on this topic – voted for the legalization and everything. I just wasn’t very educated on the edibles portion of it I guess. I was shocked to see it comes in gummy bears which truly only seems like it is geared to kids and how would I even know they weren’t normal gummy bears? Makes me look twice at my teenagers snacks, I have to admit…

  3. I honestly did not know that marijuana could come in gummy bear form! Actually a little scary to think what could happen if they got into the hands of a small child.

    I completely agree that being armed with knowledge is the first step to helping kids make better choices about drugs. Really appreciate all of the info and tips on the Good To Know site. Will definitely be using these in the coming years when my daughters hit high school. Thanks for sharing.

    • Me either! I had blinders on I guess – assumed it was only in brownies or obvious somehow? Gummy bears seems to be specifically geared towards kids even. I’m glad I was part of this campaign to be able to learn some of these things with my kids approaching these decisions and opportunities…

  4. I admit I voted against it and for some of the very reasons you cite; it’s not about the adults, it’s about the kids and animals that now show up at medical facilities because they’ve gotten into products that the adults were too casual about storing efficiently. And well, for the people I see driving and toking!

    My daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer about 3 years ago (now cancer free thankfully) and without hesitation or consideration for my thoughts on it; her friends who owned a pot shop brought her a bunch of edibles supposedly to help with nausea after chemo. I don’t know; I found that a bit intrusive…the assumption that it would be OK in my home just because it’s now legal.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m no Pollyanna; I enjoyed it illegally when I was younger but that illegality sure made us cautious!

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