1,197 Reasons to Try the New Kodak Moments App #ad #kmapp

1,197 Reasons to Try the New Kodak Moments App #ad #kmapp

This post is sponsored by Kodak.  All opinions 100% my own.

kodak moments photo appI have a confession.  

It’s a deep, dark, scary one.  

Are you ready? 

I’m a photo hoarder.  

There I said it.  Feels so good to get that off my chest, I may just have to keep going.  Deep breath…

I’m horrible at sending Christmas cards.

Always good intentions, horrible execution.

Am I alone in this? Anyone? 

Kodak Moments App

When I was asked to review the Kodak Moments App (download links Android or iPhone) I finally took a peek in the dark recesses of my phone.  The scary corner that I’d been trying to ignore…  

1,197 PHOTOS!!

That’s 1,197 photos that had never been printed out, never been seen in “real” life, never been shared with anyone except digitally or on the tiny 3 inch (ok, maybe 3.5 inch) screen of my phone.  1,197 moments of life that I wanted to keep and treasure (or they would have been deleted asap) but that I’d never printed. 

So, I opened the app, selected 120 or so of them – said print 4″ x 6″ – selected the location I wanted to pick them up (Target closest to my house), and voila!  20 minutes later I had an email saying they were ready to be picked up. 20 minutes!  

Some of these pictures are from last year…and only 20 minutes later they are finally seeing the light of day? AWESOME!  This is definitely going to help with my Organized Life goal for 2015. 

My friend and I looked at them and she actually said “I can’t remember the last time I actually looked at a real photo.”  I agree.  It’s really nice to actually have prints I can hold and touch and share. 

photo pile

There are more options than just printing pictures by the way:

  • Order prints
  • Connect to Kiosk
  • Collages
  • Order Cards
  • Gallery

Order Photo Prints

I simply selected the photos and printed them all at 4″ x 6″, but there were a ton of size options if you wanted to take a bit more time or create something more substantial.  Here are a few of the larger sizes…

kodak photo size options

You can edit each photo before you print and there are a ton of filters, red eye reduction, etc. 

kodak editor moment app


I had a lot of fun playing with the layouts and background images/colors on the collage maker option.  Isn’t our foster puppy adorable? There is one option where you can select a picture to be the background image (instead of where I have the blue knit frame now).  I really want to play around with using black and white photo as the frame of the same photo in color…  Please share your creations so I can get other ideas!

photo app collage


Holiday Cards

I suppose it’s a bit limiting to say these are only holiday cards.  You can create all kinds of cards – personalized party invitations, announcements, etc. – it’s just that I have the holidays on my mind.  Only 5 more weekends before Christmas? How can that be? ACK!  

 So I got busy and here’s what my friends and family may see in their mailboxes one of these days soon…  

The hardest part was picking out which theme/layout I wanted.  There are SO many!

photo holiday cards

These cards even come with envelopes for only $0.33 (card & envelope) after discount. (Although the Target employee forgot to give them to me so I need to stop by today after work and pick them up.)

holiday card order prices

Download Kodak Moments App

My favorite part about this app and experience? I was able to order these photos and cards while at work in between conference sessions.  It was THAT easy.  I didn’t have to even open a computer.  I was able to do it all from my phone.  Seriously,  what are you waiting for?

Download the Kodak Moments App and start playing right now!  



You can get project ideas by following along with the Kodak Moments App social media channels too.  Some of the ideas are AMAZING (and would make great gifts).

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KodakMomentsapp
Instagram: https://instagram.com/kodakmomentsapp/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kodak

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