CUTE Cupcake recipe

I am seriously impressed with creative people (usually moms) that can make anything and everything look special and be cute. 

It’s good to be self-aware, right?  Well, I am seriously lacking in this department.

But, do you see those incredibly cute apple decorated cupcakes up there?  I made those! 

This would not be breaking news for most of you, but I do believe this is the first time I have EVER used food coloring… just to give you an idea of my ineptitude for culinary cuteness. 

I want to make it very clear that I did not come up with the idea.  I was tweeting one night last week and @according2kelly posted that she was already spoiling her kids’ teachers and posted a picture of a gorgeous apple cupcake.  I went to her page and found the directions and she was great about giving me tips and exchanging tweets with me… 

So thank you Kelly for the inspiration!  Go here to see her page. 

Don’t worry, I took lots of pictures to prove to my kids when they are older that I did, in fact, bake for them.. :)

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4 Responses to CUTE Cupcake recipe

  1. Ha Ha! I love the term ‘culinary cuteness.’ Adorable cupcakes, btw.

    It’s amazing how we underestimate ourselves in the creative kitchen deparment. Two Halloween’s ago, I was determined to make a decorated theme cake. Nothing like plastic bugs and other non-edible adornments to overcomepensate for experience. My son still talks about it :)

    • lol – I’ll have to try a handful of ring spiders and see what I can do with that for Halloween…. :) I’d better start practicing now! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

    • Thank you! I was quite pleased… kept showing my phone pic to soccer moms instead of watching the game, etc. :)

      We painted rocks yesterday. The kids were SO excited. They even took their “pets” to school with them today to show off. If nothing else, twitter and blogging have inspired me to get more creative. Your post being the first inspiration! Thank you…

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