Who is Tim Tebow?

I joined my first Fantasy Football league last year to  force encourage myself to watch football.  I wanted to be able to talk  stumble through a football conversation without absolutely embarrassing myself.  Plus, I wanted to be able to relate to my husband regarding something he enjoys.  He isn’t a rabid football fan, but he is a guy, and he does like to watch the Broncos.   It isn’t a religious experience for him.  It’s not like our weekends are shot from September to January while it’s football season.  But if we have a quiet weekend at home, he will have the game on.   It’s on right now actually, which is what inspired this post. 

Additionally, I found that being part of a Fantasy Football league gave me an opportunity to bond with my coworkers and clients.  In Denver in the Fall, Monday and Tuesday morning chatter is  filled with football stats.  Want to bone up on some stats?  Learn some teams, individual strengths, and player names?  A Fantasy Football league is a good way to go.  Plus you can win some prizes without really knowing what you’re doing!  It’s fun.  There’s a link above, or click here to join for free. 

So, since we’re talking football…. you may enjoy this excerpt from my life.

I have an embarrassing secret….

I don’t like it.   Shhhh!  (Again, why I joined a Fantasy Football League – trying to get over my apathy toward the game). 

For some this may not be a secret worthy of whispering in corners and glancing furtively around before admitting it.  But here’s the kicker… I am a Gator.  Yes, I graduated from University of Florida, Gainesville.

It gets worse.  A few months ago, one of my coworkers asked “Are you excited about Tebow?”  My response… “What’s Tebow?”  Seriously, I was thinking it was that kickboxing workout tape or something.

Ok, let me know when you are done rolling on the floor laughing so that I can continue…. :) 

Bronco fans are no match for the hoards of obsessed and rabid Gator fans.  Tailgating at Invesco?  Nothing on tailgating at the Swamp.  Nothing.

So, would you keep my secret please?  I am sure there are already hits out on me for the sacrilege of not knowing who Tebow was…  Maybe I should start considering the witness protection program for the footbally challenged.  :)

In the meantime, I will be playing Fantasy Football and trying to gain the skills needed to camoflage my disinterest. 

What about you?  Did you cringe reading this?  Or related completely to my lack of knowledge?

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    • Lol – I still laugh at myself for the Tebow conversation… gotta be able to laugh at oneself, don’t cha think? I liked yours too. Can’t wait for you to get published so I can search for football references… granted, I may not recognize them! :)

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