We painted some rocks this weekend…like my turtle?

One of my goals with this blog is to be held accountable for improving my work/life balance.  One specific action item I’ve identified is to have at least 1 interactive activity with my kids each week.  Homework and eating dinner together don’t count…those are givens.  This week, I was inspired by Martha Stewart and we painted rocks.  I apologize for the quality of the photos.  I am waiting for my new camera to arrive (woohoo!) and took these with my phone.

Our creations…

T’s dinosaur

Jag’s bumble bee and ladybug 

My turtle

One of the things I liked best about this activity was that all the ages enjoyed it and participated.  CJ (2 years) LOVED to paint the rocks.  Her rock started off green, then was black and we added glitter to the black paint when it was still wet.  It was very pretty until she dumped a bottle of skin colored paint onto it…

If you are going to try this, here are some things I learned:

  • Have everyone wear clothes you have no intention of ever wearing again.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the wordless Wed pic!
  • Glitter makes almost anything look pretty. 
  • Super glue does eventually adhere rocks to each other.  Takes longer than you think it should.
  • Keep the tube of super glue in sight at all times.   T super glued his lip.  How?  I have no idea.
  • Paint outside if at all possible and place newspapers all over the table.  Note the pic above without newspaper on the table? Yep, I learned this one!
  • Rinse the paint brushes and cups outside with the hose so the paint doesn’t stick to your sink. Yes, we have green spots all over our black granite sink.
  • Stick on eyeballs are awesome.
  • Paintbrushes are 5 for $1 at the Dollar Tree.

What activities have you done with your kids that you recommend?  Link your blog below…
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