My Upromise Savings Statement arrived today…

UPromise – How Smart Parents Save for their Kid’s College Education

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Remember my post last month about Upromise?  I thought I’d update you on how much I’ve saved for my kids’ college last month and in 2010, just by signing up my grocery and credit cards and booking travel.  Go ahead and read the original post for more details… but here are the results:

Summary Period: 08/01/2010 – 08/31/2010*

Upromise credit card $0.00 $0.00
Online Shopping $0.00 $19.00
Restaurants $0.00 $5.50
Travel $28.94 $44.23
Grocery & eCoupons $0.03 $0.36
In-Store & More $0.00 $0.00
  TOTAL $28.97 $69.09

4 Responses to My Upromise Savings Statement arrived today…

    • Thanks! It is free money, so I think everyone should sign up! I do get a small amt of $ if you sign up thru my link – but I’ve been using Upromise LONG before I started blogging, so really believe in it. Make sure to add your grocery cards and credit cards you use often. Local restaurants will give you % back just if you pay with one of the registered cards…Note, my $5.50 this month.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by Nicole! I’ve been enjoying your tweets… :)

  1. I cash out my Upromise money once a year (about $100) and divide it equally between my children’s saving’s accounts. I think that’s a very fair and easy way to help save for college!!!

    • I agree Jackie! I love the “free” money concept. It’s not usually a TON of money, but heck $100 a year extra? Nothing to scoff at! Thank you again for your comments and follow!

      I really liked your post about hubs grocery adventures :D

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