Dollar Tree St. Patty’s Day Mason Jars – Easy!

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Dollar Tree St. Patty’s Day Mason Jars – Easy!

mason jar craft saint patrick's day

I must confess that I’m a Pinterest-aholic.  I see all those super cute crafts and I get all antsy to get creative in my spare time.  

With that in mind, I’ve been saving old spaghetti jars for almost a year now.  Apparently I don’t have a whole lot of that illusive spare time.  But this past weekend my oldest and I were home alone, just the two of us, which is a rarity on its own.  It’s hard as a single parent of 3 kids to figure out how to fit in that 1 on 1 time, ya know?

Anyway, my jar drawer is overflowing so I decided we’d get crafty and headed to the Dollar Tree for supplies.  I had the jars and glue, so picked up:

  • Green and white clothesline/cord
  • St. Patty’s stickers
  • Cosmetic foam applicators
  • Glitter
frosted mason jar craft
*This is what was left over, plus a nearly full sheet of stickers.

Frosted Mason Jar with Glitter Directions

  • I put a clover sticker on the jar, trying not to handle the outside of the jar with my bare fingers in case my finger oils affected the frosted effect.  
  • Then I used the cosmetic foam wedges to spread a thin layer of glue on the jar to make it frosted.  *There is also frosted spray paint but it’s more expensive.

frosted mason jar craft

  • While the glue was wet, I sprinkled glitter on the bottom of the jar.

st patty's day frosted craft

  • Once dry, I used a Q-tip to spread glue around the sticker and the rim of the jar, then sprinkled more glitter.  
  • Then it was just a matter of waiting for the glue to dry and adding the clothesline/rope to the top.  I wrapped it twice so it would stand out more. 

That’s it!

Now I need to figure out what to put in them.   A candle? Green lollipops or pencils? Green flowers?  

DIY frosted jar candle st. patty's day

What do you think?

I think these would be very cute as Easter Jars too – make it an egg shape left plain and add design with glitter.  Or Halloween or Christmas or 4th of July or whatever…

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