Awesome Christmas Tree Light Gadget Giveaway! It WORKS! #wattsup

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Awesome Christmas Tree Light Gadget Giveaway! It WORKS! #wattsup

Tis the season to decorate for the Holidays – and although it says Christmas Tree Lights up there, really the Light Keeper Pro works for any strands of lights – Halloween, Hanukkah, white lights for weddings, jazz up your backyard lights… you get the idea.  It also works on pre-lit Christmas Trees!

fix christmas lights and trees, light keeper pro

How do I know? Because I was asked to review one and immediately jumped at the chance in hopes it may fix the half of my thrift store Christmas Tree that didn’t light up.

I knew the tree didn’t light up when I bought it, but for $25 what did I expect?  I figured I’d just put lights on the old fashioned way in the sections that were broken and all would be good.

But I didn’t have to!  I used the Light Keeper Pro and it FIXED the tree.  It’s perfect!

light keeper pro fixing lights

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised since it was invented by a guy that owned a Pre-lit Christmas Tree company, but still.

Company background: You’re decorating a Christmas tree and a bulb blows. Frustrated, you buy another strand. Now, imagine you’re CEO of a pre-lit tree company and your entire year’s shipment has faulty bulbs. What next? If you’re John DeCosmo, of Ulta-Lit Technologies, you invent a tool that can fix any light set, is consumer-friendly and costs only $20. 

I seriously went into this review a skeptic but was incredibly impressed with how well the Light Keeper Pro delivers on its promises.  Most importantly it WORKS, but secondly it’s super simple to use.
All you do is remove one of the light bulbs that isn’t working and plug in the Light Keeper Pro, then click the trigger until the strand lights up.  The bulbs still unlit are the ones that need to be replaced.  Simple!

Check out their website for more details and some videos of how it works.

Now for the good part.

Light Keeper Pro Giveaway

5 – yes, you read that right – FIVE lucky winners will receive their very own Light Keeper Pro just enter using the Rafflecopter form below.  Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

For more chances to win – enter these giveaways too.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I received compensation to facilitate my review.  All opinions and thrift store bargain Christmas Trees are mine. :) 

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