Who am I?

Mom in Management profileMy name is Daria.   I wear many hats, the most important of which is Mom.  I work full time while raising my 3 kids in Colorado.  My oldest is 12 (going on 21 in her mind), my middle child, 10 yo, is ALL boy, and our youngest girl, 6 years old, is doing her best to drive her older siblings crazy.

The other hats I wear are plentiful and show my interest in, well…everything!

I have a degree in environmental engineering, have focused most of my technical career around water resources, and am currently in corporate management.  I have an interest in leadership psychology and can tell you my Myers Brigg, FIRO-B, Change Style Indicator, DISC, Dennison 360, and Conflict Lens results among many others.

In my spare time (remind me what that is again?), I have a real estate broker’s license (currently inactive), manage my rental property, am active in social media and PR, volunteer at my kids’ schools and local charities, cut coupons, try to stay get in shape and lose weight, love DIY projects, as well as, assorted crafts, and occasionally decide to try out new recipes on my family.  Oh, can’t forget all the driving of kids to sports, scouts, friends’ houses, etc.   Plus a couple of LLC’s to round things out.

I love working with brands and media firms and look forward to discussing any opportunity.  If it’s a good fit for Mom in Management or my other blog Saving to be Rich, great!  If not, I can point you toward other bloggers or venues that may be a good fit. So, please don’t hesitate to contact me at MominManagement (@) gmail (dot) com, twitter or facebook.  I’m happy to provide a media kit upon request.
I take my readers’ trust very seriously, so please don’t ask me to post anything without disclosing that I’ve been compensated.  I won’t do it. 
More About Me

Depends on when you ask me…

Sometimes I’m mom, then my cell phone rings and I’m boss or employee.

On more rare occasions, I get to be daughter and take a break from responsibility, but I never get to be sister because I’m an only child.

I drink wine (by the box) to maintain my sanity and keep to my budget.  White, not red.  Red is MUCH too healthy to pass my “this can’t be good for me or it won’t be fun” meter.

I’m loyal to a fault and a very good friend, but am an Introvert so you’ll have to make the first move.  Unless it’s via the Internet then I’m a social butterfly!

When I was growing up, I thought I would discover the cure for cancer, work with disadvantaged children in Africa, be President of the United States, NEVER wear pink, and would ride horses every day.

Now I am happy to make it through a conference call, haven’t been on a horse in ages, and think finding the cure for whining may be nearly as good as the cure for cancer.  Plus, I have a few pink items in my closet.  Wow, have times changed!

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Personal Philosophy

I love throwing ideas out there and then seeing where the conversation goes.  Disagreeing with me is fantastic and encouraged.  I, by no means, have all the answers – anyone that tells you they do is lying. What I do have are some good tips and tricks from my years and breadth of experience that I’d like to share with you and some thoughts I’d like your opinions about.

For me, life is not a series of black and white, right and wrong decisions.  It is stumbling through the gray, reveling in your moments of triumph and picking yourself up after defeats.  It is holding your chin high, always believing in yourself, and living your life the best way you know how.   I will not say here’s my opinion and IT is RIGHT!  Never.  I fully believe there are many truths and it’s up to you to have enough confidence in yourself to decide which truth fits you best.  I merely hope to provide some things to think and talk about.  Check out Thought Provoking Thursdays

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What can YOU get out of this site?  The official blurb…

Do you have a lot on your plate?  Are you looking for ways to be a better parent or spouse?  Are you searching for tips on how to climb the corporate ladder or fit “me” time into your hectic schedule?  Mom in Management gives you solutions to these issues among others that working parents face.

Specifically, blog posts will usually fit into one of these categories:

Balance is finding time for all the passions and responsibilities in your life and to have enough energy left to enjoy pursuing them.  To find that elusive happy balance, Mom in Management will show you:

  • How to raise healthy, happy, independent and socially successful children.
  • Tips for how to keep the romance alive when you are busy seeing to the daily demands of life.
  • Insight into what it will take to climb that next ladder rung at work.
  • How to rediscover “me” time and make yourself a priority when faced with overwhelming to-do lists.
  • Business and Leadership tips from time to time.
  • And most importantly how to rediscover the joy in your life and the happiness that comes with finding a balance that works for you.
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