Money Smart

Money, money, money…it’s on everyone’s mind.  I was about to add “lately”, but then again, I’d say money has always been on the brain.

I have found a few tried and true methods for saving AND making $$ over the years and plan to share them with you.  Some you may have heard before, and this will just be a good reminder.  Others will be new and may sound do-able to you.  That’s the key – it has to be a fit for YOU.

Tip #1 – Saving Painlessly

Tip #2 – Drink Water and Save $3K  per Year

Tip #3 – Earn $$ by Writing

Tip #4 – Earn $$ with Mystery Shopping

Tip #5 – Get $ for Your Opinion

Discussion:  Should You Balance Your Checkbook?

Tip #6 – Carpool

Tip #7 – Details on How to Make $ as a Mystery Shopper

Tip #8 – 3 Christmas Shopping Resources


Money is such an important topic and I have so much to say about it that I started a blog dedicated to money.  Therefore, please join me on Saving to be Rich for continued money smart tips and financial resources.







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