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33 Fantastic Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

33 Fantastic Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

I LOVE stockings, they are my absolutely favorite part of Christmas presents.  And I think we have no problem filling them for kids, but what about adults? My very first Christmas with my husband, I assumed he knew what went into stockings and could handle stuffing my stocking (no lewd joke intended, but now you’re…More of this…

Where does the Christmas mania end?

Where does the Christmas mania end?

Article first published as Where does the Christmas mania end? on Technorati. National unemployment rose to 9.8% during November, equaling 15.1 million Americans out of work.   And while foreclosure rates have fallen in recent months, the number of people delinquent on their mortgages doesn’t seem to be changing, instead it appears banks are becoming more lenient on…More of this…

Christmas Traditions

Warning – not for eyes under 12 years old – significant Christmas and Santa secrets revealed. Food Have you ever noticed how many traditions revolve around food? I started thinking about this because I joined Tiffany’s Christmas blog hop over on Wyatt Family Farm.  (Go here to sign up too!) Our Christmas Traditions involve eating:…More of this…

Do you have a holiday budget?

My email from Daily Worth today is all about tools for creating and sticking to a Holiday Budget.   This year I will need to be more strict about sticking to a budget due to our new house and my husband staying home.  Any thoughts on how you have successfully implemented one?  And what do you…More of this…

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