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Shhhh…We Don’t Talk About THAT

Shhhh…We Don’t Talk About THAT

**Don’t bail on this post too soon – there is a flip cam giveaway at the end! I’m not much for keeping secrets.   I pretty much feel like any topic should be up for discussion. Not with strangers perhaps, but with your close family – why wouldn’t you talk about things? This made for…More of this…

Balance your check book?

Do you balance your checkbook?  I don’t…  I remember my mom sitting at the coffee table paying bills and balancing her checkbook on (what seems like) a weekly basis.  She would agonize over being off by a penny… It never made sense to me to spend my time worrying about 1¢.  I have managed just fine…More of this…

How to Save Money

When you get a raise ~ let’s use 3% as an example – opt to put 1.5% into your direct deposit to a savings account.

You never had it to spend, so your spending habits and lifestyle haven’t adjusted to include it.

More of this…

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