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So, there are two clear ways to improve your financial situation.  One is to spend less money.  The other is to make more money.  Either of these increases your net balance at the end of the month, right?  I am of the opinion that you should try to do both.  I have posted a few…More of this…

Colorado Income Declines

Colorado Income Declines

National incomes discussed by WSJ at http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2010/08/09/us-incomes-tumbled-in-2009/?mod=e2tw. Here are pieces that jumped out to me: From 2008 to 2009, average national income dropped 2.8%. In the Denver metro area, it dropped 4.2% (150% national avg). In Boulder, it dropped 5.1% (180% national average). The highest growing income was in Jacksonville, NC – 11.9% increase. These numbers made…More of this…

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Working mom of three amazing kids, living in Denver, Colorado. Doing my best to balance the responsibilities of my full time corporate job with raising my family, finding time to have fun, and working on becoming a better me. You'll find career tips, parenting wins and fails, funny stories, recipes, weight loss lows and highs, and the occasional random photo of one of our pets if you care to follow along with our journey.

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