Little Girl’s Bedroom Makeover – Check Out How Far We’ve Come! #DisneyPaintMom

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Little Girl’s Bedroom Makeover – Check Out How Far We’ve Come! #DisneyPaintMom

I have really been enjoying the Disney Paint Mom campaign I’m participating in thanks to Glidden and MomTrends.  Chloe’s room is coming out AMAZING!  So much better than I envisioned at first.

After we went to Walmart and picked out the paint, I jumped right in and started painting.

Then I re-painted.

And painted again.

I counted and there have been SIX colors on her walls since I started this project.

Painting Progress

None of the repaints was because of the paint, but rather my insistence on thinking I knew better than Chloe how her room should look.  I finally (I think) am learning to embrace the bold colors my kids pick from the beginning.  I’ve been struggling with an outdated attitude that walls should be neutral, but the results with the bold colors have been fabulous!  And my daughter is in love – which is what really counts.

But it took me a few steps to get there…

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve gotten a sneak peek at the progress.

My first obstacle was accepting that Chloe was determined to have a pink room.  I’ve never really been a pink person myself, so was trying really hard to convince her to go with purple – but she wasn’t having it.

Next I thought I’d tone down her choice and paint a light pink color (think dusty rose) that was neutral and could be dressed up with accent pieces in the color Chloe wanted.

pink girls' bedroom
Green is what we started with, light pink is what I tried at first, hot pink was Chloe’s choice.

The color I chose was the antithesis of the pink that Chloe wanted.  When I saw it on the wall I realized this was a reflection of me, not Chloe.  This was Chloe’s room and should be painted accordingly, so I started over.

pink girls bedroom
Chloe’s choice isn’t just pink, it is PINK!

Then I thought having every wall this color would be too much, that Chloe would never be able to sleep with a color this bright and that I should offset it with another color.  So I painted two walls a bright yellow.

pink and yellow paint
They are happy colors, but so bright!

I lived with it for about 4 days and it never grew on me.  I also looked for decoration pieces and they were impossible to find to compliment both of these colors.

Finally, FINALLY, I found the perfect combination and got it right.

I am so excited!  Seriously, before I go to bed every night it’s become my habit to stop by her room and gaze at it in admiration.  I love it.  I know she loves it too because she spends a ton of time in there now.  Her brother and sister have even been known to want to hang in Chloe’s room!  Her older brother and sister.

Bedroom Design Choices

The qualities I wanted for Chloe’s room were:

  • Delicate
  • Sparkly
  • Comfortable
  • Whimsical
  • Somewhere Chloe would want to spend time.

To accomplish my goals, I ended up using the pink that Chloe wanted (Watermelon Smoothie by Glidden) on three walls and one wall with a light pink on top, a white chair rail, and gray below.

pink paint chalkboard paint
Chair rail, delicate pink and smoky gray.

That’s just the colors though.  I couldn’t help myself and ended up using two of the specialty paints instead of just one:

  • All that Glitters
  • Great Slate

That gray up there in the last picture?  It is Great Slate!  (It can be tinted to any color you want.) Yep, that’s right, Chloe now has permission and is encouraged to draw on her walls.

I’d heard from someone at Home Depot (long before I started this campaign) that chalkboard paint is difficult to paint – that it is thick, doesn’t go on easily and is difficult to work with.  That was absolutely NOT the case with this Glidden/Disney Great Slate paint.  It was just like paint, went on easily, covered completely with two coats, and cleaned up without any problems.  I was seriously impressed.

I used the All that Glitters both on the light pink and also to highlight the flight path of various decorations around the room such as these white butterflies.

girls bedroom
Delicate butterflies w/ glitter flight trails.

You’ll have to stay tuned for my third and final post – The Big Reveal!

There is much more yet to be shared, including some ideas I picked up from using the templates and room painter features from

There is some seriously cool stuff available for free from the Disney Paint site.  Templates you can print out, a paint your room feature where you can try out different colors and finishes.  Themes including color palettes, templates and finishes to create your dream room and pictures of room ideas to spark your creative juices.   There are even how-to videos to show you how to apply each of techniques and paints to accomplish your goals.  Check it out!

My next step is going to be throwing a PJ party for Chloe and her friends for the unveiling of her new room.  There are some great party ideas on Disney’s PJ Planning Guide if you want to throw your own party.

Stay tuned for the final results!

If this has inspired you at all to paint, would you please let me know and share pictures?  I’d love to see them.

Disclosure:  Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden. 

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