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Trash Service Cost Comparison for Denver Area

Trash Service Cost Comparison for Denver Area

I received a quarterly bill yesterday for trash pick up that irritated me.  Yes, all bills are pesky and aren’t something to look forward to, but the ones that are higher than expected are exceptionally annoying. Even more annoying is that I JUST price shopped trash last quarter and although it was slightly higher ~…More of this…

Guest Post: Ways to Save on Groceries Without Coupons

Thank you Budget Savvy Diva for the amazing guest post!  This article is chock full of great advice…   1.     Did you know that the highest markup items on the shelves are at about chest level because it is the perfect height for you to just reach out and pick it up? So reach up…More of this…

How to Save Money

When you get a raise ~ let’s use 3% as an example – opt to put 1.5% into your direct deposit to a savings account.

You never had it to spend, so your spending habits and lifestyle haven’t adjusted to include it.

More of this…

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